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Title Total Price Down Payment Weekly Net Area
Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route – Indian Trail, NC$239,000$95,000$1,683Indian Trail, NCCharlotte, NC
Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route – Charlotte, NC$249,000$100,000$1,796Charlotte, NC
Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route – Charlotte, NC$280,000$135,000$2,131Charlotte, NC
Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route – Rowan County, NC$185,000$90,000$1,486Rowan County, NCCharlotte, NC
Flowers Bread Route – Florence, SC$155,000$80,000$1,985Florence, SC
Mission Tortilla Route – Raleigh, NC$120,000$120,000$1,521Raleigh, NCDurham, NC
Martins Bread Route – Hilton Head, SC$99,000$99,000$1,400Hilton Head Island, SCSavannah, GA
R.L. Schreiber Food Service Route – Raleigh, NC$62,000$13,400$962Raleigh, NCEastern, NC
Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route – Myrtle Beach, SC$185,000$64,000$1,550Myrtle Beach, SCCoastal, SC
Pepperidge Farm Cookie Route – Monroe, NC$220,000$25,000$1,129Monroe, NCCharlotte, NC
Herr’s Snacks Master Distributorship – Outer Banks, NC$86,000$66,000$1,102Outer Banks, NCElizabeth City, NCCoastal North Carolina