Featured Routes

North Carolina

FedEx Home Delivery – Charlotte, NC

Price – $1,400,000

Down Payment – $1,400,000

Weekly Net – $7,373

9 premium FedEx Home Delivery routes available in Charlotte, NC. Group consists of 9 PSAs plus two supplementals. Routes are all high volume in some of Charlotte’s most prestigious and highest growth areas. All routes touch and can be managed in a way that trucks can cover multiple areas without any overlap or wasted mileage. All trucks are free and clear, in good condition and with excellent service records. FedEx is currently building a brand new facility that is located right in the center of these routes and all of these routes will be moving there upon opening. The new terminal will save on average 60 miles per truck per day which means even lower operating expenses in the future. New growth opportunities are being awarded on a regular basis to keep up with growth. NET is after all expenses and with owner managing day to day operations. All employees are long term and willing to stay. You simply will not find a better group of ISP compliant FedEx routes in the South. Call today for details. No financing available.

South Carloina

Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route – Myrtle Beach, SC

Price – $149,000

Down Payment – $55,000

Weekly Net -$1,294

Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route for sale in the Myrtle Beach SC area. This route is inland from the beach and does not go up and down with the tourist season. Steady income year round provides security and stability with weekly profits. First stop is 10 minutes from depot and no traffic on the route. Excellent opportunity to get on an Arnold route for a low down payment. Distribute Bimbo Bakery’s well know products such as Arnold Bread, Sara Lee, Thomas’ English Muffins and Entenmann’s Cakes. NET is after all expenses. Financing available with approx. $55k down.

North Carolina

Mission Foods – Hickory, NC

Price – $67,500

Down Payment – $67,500

Weekly Net -$984

Mission Tortilla and Chip Route for sale in Hickory, North Carolina. Work on a very generous 25% mark up while enjoying the ability to make your own schedule and not be locked into any set days or early mornings. This route is poised to GROW with the addition of 14 new chain supermarkets coming on line in the next few months. Product is delivered directly to you and is within the territory to minimize travel. NO WEEKENDS. NET is after all expenses. 15′ box truck is included in sale. Great value. Call today!

South Carolina

Flowers Bread Route – Santee Lakes, SC

Price – $183,000

Down Payment – $120,000

Weekly Net -$1,749

HUGE Flowers bakery route available in the Santee Lakes region of South Carolina. Current NET of $1,749 is after all expenses including truck payment. Territory includes over 30 stops with an excellent mix of cash and charge stops, including all major chain stores in the region. Santee lakes is a growing region with a strong tourist population. This route can easily be built up and split down the road for huge returns. Excellent opportunity. Call today for details. Financing available with approx $120k down.