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North Carolina

Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route – Rowan County, NC

Price – $185,000

Down Payment – $90,000

Weekly Net – $1,486

Compact Arnold – Bimbo bread route for sale in Rowan County/Salisbury North Carolina. All major chains served and stops are all close allowing for a shorter work day. There is no cash to handle on this route and work is done by 2:00 daily with even shorter hours on Fridays. Salisbury is a suburb of Charlotte making the short commute into the warehouse a piece of cake. Included in this sale is a brand new, 2016 Chevy, 16′ box truck with less than 20k miles. STILL UNDER WARRANTY AND FREE AND CLEAR. Distribute Bimbo Bakery’s well know products such as Arnold Bread, Sara Lee, Thomas’ English Muffins, Ball Park Buns, Entenmann’s Cakes, AND MORE. Bimbo Bakeries is the highest volume bread producer in the world and continuing to grow. Financing is available with approx. $90k down. NET is after all expenses.

Call for information on how to use your 401k to buy this route without tax penalty.

South Carloina

Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route – Myrtle Beach, SC

Price – $149,000

Down Payment – $55,000

Weekly Net -$1,294

Arnold – Bimbo Bread Route for sale in the Myrtle Beach SC area. This route is inland from the beach and does not go up and down with the tourist season. Steady income year round provides security and stability with weekly profits. First stop is 10 minutes from depot and no traffic on the route. Excellent opportunity to get on an Arnold route for a low down payment. Distribute Bimbo Bakery’s well know products such as Arnold Bread, Sara Lee, Thomas’ English Muffins and Entenmann’s Cakes. NET is after all expenses. Financing available with approx. $55k down.

North Carolina

FedEx Ground Routes – Charlotte, NC

Price – $770,000

Down Payment – $770,000

Weekly Net – $4,772

FedEx Ground routes available for purchase in Charlotte, NC. This fully ISP compliant group of routes is ready to be taken to the next level with opportunities for further expansion and growth all over. Sale includes seven trucks operating on five PSAs with a fresh, newer fleet included in sale that are free and clear and meticulously maintained. Compact territories with low mileage makes for lower fuel and maintenance costs. Strong performance and excellent records available. New construction assures further growth within the current contracts.

This is an excellent opportunity to get into an ISP compliant group of routes in the South’s fastest growing city with one of the fastest growing, blue chip companies in America.

THIS is the group you have been looking for!

Call today for details.

Do not miss this opportunity. The Carolinas are booming! Call today.

South Carolina

Flowers Bread Route – Florence, SC

Price – $155,000

Down Payment – $80,000

Weekly Net -$1,985

High volume and compact Flowers Bread Route available in Florence, SC. Work shorter days and drive less miles while making more money. This route is central to all major Florence shopping areas with new construction bringing growth to the route in the future. First stop is less than 10 minutes from the warehouse allowing for much shorter and easier days while keeping costs low. Established 10 years. Route is complete with all you need to be successful including all supplies and a truck. Distribute all of Flowers’ popular brands such as Blue Bunny, Wonder Bread, Nature’s Own, Tasty Cake, and many more. NET is after all expenses paid. Financing available with approx. $80k down.

This route qualifies for a tax free 401k withdrawal. Call today for details and take control!